The Elves Will Be With You Soon!

elf_screenThings are getting pretty crowded in the Gilson Workshop and we’re on the verge of releasing hundreds of pointy-eared helpers into the holiday landscape!  We want to be sure your very own elf is in the pack, ready to boost your business (or at least your mood) with a touch of seasonal magic.

Just in case an avalanche of pre-holiday clutter buried the candy-striped box we sent, here’s a quick re-cap of how to request your very own elf:elf2

  1. Visit and use your personalized URL from your mailer to access the Elf Workshop before it closes on December 15. (Don’t have a personalized URL? Reach out to your Gilson account representative today!)
  2. Follow the instructions provided to create your custom elf, including your choice of designs and your own uploaded sELFie, if you wish.
  3. Feel good about checking one more thing off your list, and wait for Gilson to create, produce, and deliver your one-of-a-kind cardboard elf—right to your doorstep!

We can’t wait to see where your elfin friend sets up shop in your world. Share your photos with us via email and social media using the hashtag #GilsonElf and we’ll include them in an upcoming blog post re-capping the adventures of the elf crew and its quest to spread the word about Gilson’s multi-service workshop.

Click here to learn more about the results of the campaign.










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