Seize The Data

You’ve got the data, we’ve got the means to efficiently and economically transform it into price lists, spec guides, testing materials, textbooks and more.


We work with businesses to convert their raw or legacy data into materials that can be taken out into the marketplace. Each year, we compose hundreds of thousands of price lists for manufacturers, complete with product specifics and pricing. We also compose testing materials for companies that develop and administer educational assessments. In both cases, we automate the data conversion process to reduce costs, improve accuracy and speed turnaround. This also allows streamlined price updates and enhances our ability to prepare data for electronic distribution, on CD/DVD or via the Web.

• Process analysis and development

• Template/specification development and testing

• Data/manuscript conversions and scriptwriting

• Item composition and forms composition

• Quality control (electronic and manual)

• Prepress, including press-optimized PDFs

• Artwork edits and art tracking

• Project tracking

• Special accommodations: large print, Braille, audio and web tagging

• Project archival – minimum of four years