How Integrated Marketing Will Make Your Campaign Awesome


Integrated marketing can take your campaign from limited to limitless. Your audience has access to so many different mediums to receive your message, so it’s important to meet them where they are. Whether that’s in the mailbox, their inbox, on social media or on their mobile devices and tablets.

Planning impactful touchpoints and tailoring your campaign to your audience makes a marketing campaign memorable and sticks out for years to come. After all, you want your clients and customers to talk about the campaign long after it’s over!


Integrated Marketing Campaign

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is all about creating a unified message and consistency in your online and offline brand and campaigns. Instead of having one instance of your message or your branding, it gives you a consistent look and experience across all platforms.

How Integrated Marketing Helps

Integrating your message across multiple platforms can take your campaign from average to awesome. Here are some specific examples:


Integrated Marketing Campaign

Start with the End in Mind

Creating a clear goal of what you hope you achieve helps you strategize and plan out your campaign. How will you know if your campaign was successful? By defining these goals, you’ll be able to focus on the message and ensure that you are delivering it in meaningful ways to your audience.

Keep it Consistent

Just because your message is seen across multiple platforms doesn’t mean it should look different in each instance. If anything, consistency is key to ensuring your message resonates with your audience in each medium. Building from the ground up with an integrated approach ensures people will be able to instantly recognize the relationship between materials in your campaign.

Add More Touchpoints

Let’s not forget about the touchpoints! By taking an integrated approach to your campaign, you have the opportunity to go beyond the traditional mailbox. Add a website that’s linked on the piece through a QR code, promote it with a social media account dedicated to the event, and even create videos for YouTube and sharing that feature the same message. Digital touchpoints extend the reach of your campaign, without adding a ton of additional cost!

How Does This Change the Game?

Taking an integrated approach towards reaching your audience makes a campaign multi-leveled rather than one-dimensional. You’re going to remember a campaign or event that went the extra mile and had multiple instances more than a single mailer, website, or promotion. It’s the little extra effort and synchronicity that makes clients and customers see the wow factor in your marketing.


Integrated Marketing Campaign

Let Gilson Put Your Campaign to Work

Making your campaign awesome isn’t hard – but it does take effort! All you need is a consistent message and a strategy that keeps that message in front of your customers and clients. Gilson’s experienced team can help you carve that new path and get the results your business needs. Contact a Gilson sales rep today or email us directly to talk about your next campaign.