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From our humble beginnings as a letterpress shop in the 1940s, we’ve grown over the past 75 years by serving your evolving needs.

Today, we collaborate with businesses across various sectors to deliver tailored print, marketing and technology solutions. Our clientele spans industries such as retail, manufacturing, publishing, education, hospitality, finance, and more.

From small local businesses and trade organizations, to large corporations and brands, we understand the distinct requirements and objectives of each industry. By adapting our expertise and capabilities to different sectors, we ensure that our clients receive personalized attention and outstanding results. We thrive on the diversity of our clients and the opportunity to contribute to their success in a wide array of industries.

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Retail & Wholesale

Our dramatic growth over the past decade is a direct result of our expertise in the retail space. Our diverse print production capabilities coupled with our in-house design services bring efficient, eye-catching retail signage and displays to life. Retailers and brands alike will enjoy efficiencies when using Gilson’s many retail-focused solutions, including our proprietary Mindwire sales and marketing portal.

  • High-quality digital and offset printing
  • Direct-to-substrate large format printing
  • Industry-best digital CNC finishing equipment
  • Rapid prototype production
  • Environmentally-friendly printing practices
  • Complete kit packing and distro management
  • Consolidated shipping programs
  • Data management and store profiling
  • Fulfillment services


Having served the publishing industry for more than five decades, Gilson has a deep understanding of your unique needs and dynamics. We recognize the importance of delivering high-quality printed materials that captivate readers and effectively convey the publisher’s message.

  • High-quality digital and offset printing
  • Matte, gloss, and soft-touch lamination
  • Versatile binding formats
  • Personalized support and top-notch customer service
  • Environmentally-friendly printing practices
  • Fulfillment services
  • Personalization options
  • Rigorous quality control measures

Higher Education

Colleges and universities find Gilson’s robust service offering the perfect compliment to their marketing team. From high-end commencement programs to personalized enrollment guides, Gilson has what it takes to deliver the right message to the right audience, everytime.

  • High-quality digital and offset printing
  • Versatile finishing and lamination
  • One-to-one marketing and personalization
  • Direct mail services
  • Environmentally-friendly printing practices
  • Custom kit packing for admissions materials
  • Branded wearables and promotional items
  • Campus signage and semi-permanent graphics
  • Wall coverings and installation
  • Event support materials


While often part of the retail world, we understand that franchises and dealer networks have unique challenges. Gilson’s experience in supporting retailers with multi-location distribution makes us the ideal partner to support your growing business needs.

  • One-to-one marketing
  • Localized signage
  • Mindwire B2B e-commerce portal
  • Direct mail services
  • Variable print production
  • Produce-on-demand branded apparel
  • Event support materials
  • Grand Opening support
  • Nationwide signage installation


We thrive in the dynamic hospitality and food service industries, where opportunities for localization, personalized consumer marketing, and compelling direct mail offers abound! Choose Gilson as your trusted partner for all your in-store and direct-to-consumer marketing needs.

  • High-quality digital and offset printing
  • Quality lamination that holds up to frequent disinfecting
  • Grand Opening support and location-specific installations
  • Store-specific attribute management
  • Permanent and temporary signage production
  • One-to-one direct mail marketing
  • Complete fulfillment and distribution of promotional signs
  • Branded merchandise


Not only do we support major manufacturing clients with the creation, production and distribution of their sales and marketing collateral, but we also have the ability to contribute to their manufacturing processes with direct-to-substrate printing, labeling, and component fabrication when applicable.

  • High-quality digital and offset printing
  • Versatile binding formats
  • Creative services (design, photography, videography)
  • Just-in-time production of labels, manuals and user guides
  • Direct-to-substrate printing on customer supplied materials
  • Dealer and distributor support through Mindwire
  • Fulfillment services
  • Branded apparel and company e-store
  • Corporate wayfinding signage and wall coverings
  • Event displays, table coverings, banners and more

Marine & RV

Much like our comprehensive support for the manufacturing industry, Gilson has carved out a distinctive niche within the marine and recreational vehicle marketplace. Central to our service repertoire is the creation and production of top-tier promotional materials, specifically tailored to bolster sales efforts for dealers and distributors.

  • Content creation for catalogs and websites
  • Photography and videography (on-location and in-studio)
  • Graphic design and brochure layout
  • Technical guides and price list composition
  • High-quality commercial offset and digital printing
  • Dealer and distributor support through Mindwire
  • Fulfillment services
  • Branded apparel and promotional items
  • Company e-store solutions

Clubs & Trade Organizations

Leveraging our decades of expertise in distributing branded marketing materials via our proprietary web-based platform, Mindwire, Gilson specializes in supporting sports clubs and trade organizations. We facilitate the seamless production and distribution of branded gear, employing dedicated project managers and customer support staff to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both clubs and their members.

  • Branded web portal (company e-store)
  • Produce-on-demand apparel to reduce inventory overhead
  • Low-order quantities for inventory items
  • Personalized support and top-notch customer service
  • Promotional codes to drive traffic
  • Creative and marketing support

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