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Looking for a place to upload and proof your files? You’ve come to the right spot! Here you’ll find links to access or proofing portals, as well as helpful Quick Start PDF downloads and tutorial videos. For additional help, you can always email your Account Representative, Customer Service Representative, or complete our Contact Form.

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Prinect Portal

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Kodak Insite

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Important Industry-Wide Updates

Pantone + Adobe Creative Cloud

Due to a recent change in Pantone’s licensing agreement with Adobe, customers will need to purchase Pantone Connect licenses to access Pantone colors in Adobe Creative Cloud products.

What does this mean for Gilson customers?

According to their website, “Pantone Connect is sold as an online subscription that includes a Web portal, mobile app, and integration into Adobe Creative Cloud apps via a plugin extension. Pantone Connect is available in a free or premium version. The premium version is required to use the Pantone Libraries in Adobe Creative Cloud apps.” Gilson recommends the premium version to ensure continuity of your brand’s colors, and to maximize the functionality of your Adobe Creative Cloud license.

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PostScript Type 1 Fonts

Adobe no longer supports document authoring with Type 1 fonts. Type 1 fonts, also known as PostScript, PS1, T1, Adobe Type 1, Multiple Master, or MM are a format within the font industry that has been replaced by larger glyph sets.

What does this mean for Gilson customers?

If your print file is built using Type 1 fonts, Adobe software no longer recognizse the fonts. Print-ready PDFs will still function, but if any edits need to be made to the native files, it may take significant rework to replace the fonts and adjust the document due to small differences in the fonts and ligatures, which can result in reflow of text blocks, pages, and tables.

According to the Adobe website, “Type 1 data embedded in file types such as EPS and PDF will be unaffected by this change, as long as they are placed for display or printing as graphic elements. If those files are opened for editing in applications such as Illustrator or Photoshop, they will trigger a “Missing fonts” error.”

Gilson strongly encourages all customers using Adobe Creative Suite to check their files for the use of Type 1 fonts and ensure that all files are built using TrueType or OpenType fonts going forward to avoid delays in production and avoid costs related to rebuilding customer-supplied files.

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Have you been ignoring this warning? It’s time to take action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gilson Portal?
Gilson Portal is an online tool that allows you to upload, proof, and approve your production files as a Gilson customer. Launched in April 2022, it replaces the previous Kodak Insite proofing portal.

How do I gain access to Gilson Portal?
If you do not already have a username and password, please fill out the form found at the top of this page and one will be created for you.

Can I still email or upload files to Gilson via other methods?
Yes; if you were previously emailing files, or uploading files to an online file transfer site or FTP site, you can continue to do so. You’ll be notified via email of the best way to proof your files once they have been received and are ready for review.