The Situation

Clorox was looking to elevate the consumer experience in the cleaning aisle. They had preliminary campaign creative, but were unsure of how to execute the creative in-aisle across several different fixture configurations. They turned to Gilson’s in-store design team to help build a more engaging aisle display.


Our in-store design team took the creative from Clorox and provided structural concepts that had a consistent look across all store configurations. The engineering team took that one step further and simplified the execution of the program into parts that could be added and removed, depending on the configuration.

The Result

After the initial concepts were approved, the implementation was tested in four stores. It had such a positive impact on sales that Clorox decided to do an entire roll-out of the program to more than 250 stores. The full roll-out included adaptations for more than 60 fixture configurations.

  • Consumers were able to quickly identify
    the right product for their desired use-case,
    which led to a significant lift in sales.

  • Gilson then developed a similar program
    for the Bathroom aisle, and results were
    also significant there.

Since this project we’ve expanded to include other types of programs, including simple mechanisms to hold shelf space through supply chain shortages. Gilson’s in-store team developed this shelf sign that was more durable, utilized less material, and was more cost effective to produce and ship.


  • Utilize existing campaign creative from the Clorox brand team.

  • Be mindful of substrate availability during COVID-era supply chain disruptions.

  • Help differentiate the product in-aisle and assist in consumer education.

about CLOROX

The Clorox Company is an American global manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products. Gilson is proud to assist in their in-store visual merchandising program implementation.

“We all know that signs sell. But we often forget that GREAT signs, sell better!”