Case Study: Lake Michigan Credit Union – Promotional Products

If managing your promotional products, event materials, and corporate apparel has become a burden, reach out to Gilson for a custom Mindwire® solution to give you anytime access to your materials. Here’s a case study that showcases how Gilson can rise to any challenge when it comes to managing and providing promotional items.

The Challenge

With more than 35 branches in multiple counties and two states, Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) needed a unified, streamlined way to manage the ordering, distribution, tracking and reporting functions for branch supplies (display racks, nameplates, etc.), promotional materials (kids’ club bags, tumblers, etc.), and logo apparel (shirts, hats, etc.). Because the system supports over 1000 users—each with different responsibilities, levels of security, and supply requirements—the solution required a flexible, multi-level design to address the organization’s varying needs.


The Solution

Gilson’s Mindwire team tackled the complexities of this project with confidence and expertise, building a system that includes a user-friendly site to manage orders, distribution, and billing of LMCU branded apparel; an automated branch supply order site with built-in approval, fulfillment, tracking, and reporting processes; and a central site to order and process non-apparel promotional items for special events and projects.


LMCU Tumbler


The Results

Mindwire’s solution for LMCU addresses each of the company’s needs without disrupting current workflows at headquarters or in the branches. It is also structured in a way that permits LMCU to make quick modifications in-house to accommodate factors such as employee status changes, branch additions, and service upgrades. To facilitate the roll-out of the new system, Gilson’s Mindwire team provided extensive training to LMCU employees, carefully detailing the system’s capabilities and ensuring that employees were proficient in its operations.