College Photoshoots: 9 Tips for Spring


College photoshoots are big business this time of year. In college admissions offices, the arrival of spring brings with it other annual events such as the push for committing students by May 1, allocating budgets for next year, and selecting a photographer to capture outdoor images before students scatter the globe for the summer. Luckily, Gilson has a resource for making a good photoshoot even better.

College Photoshoots Gilson Tips

Brent Rudin’s Tips for College Photoshoots

If you are one of the many colleges who will have photo shoots among the blooming spring flowers and newly spread mulch over the next few weeks, perhaps these 9 tips will be good reminders for you. Click here to read the article by our very own on-staff higher-ed expert Brent Rudin.

Brent Rudin is a 19-year Christian College veteran who was a Gilson client for 13 years before coming on board as an account executive and education consultant in 2013. His expertise is valued by the more than 30 colleges and universities Gilson works with on an annual basis.