Higher Education Marketing: Maximizing Alumni Appeals

Gilson’s education marketing consultant Brent Rudin offers key insight into the world of alumni appeals in his recent LinkedIn blog post “Alumni Appeals: Don’t Just Ask for Money.” He notes that “while many alumni are generous to respond, others will remember this as yet another round of begging for money, turn on the shredder, and ‘file’ it away.”

Maximize Education Marketing

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your year-end education marketing campaigns, remember to find ways to deepen the connection with your alumni, maintain communication, and ask for more than just a financial contribution.

For some great starter ideas that can lead-in to other conversations, read the full blog post here. 

Brent Rudin is a 19-year Christian College veteran who was a Gilson client for 13 years before coming on board as an account executive and education consultant in 2013. His expertise is valued by the more than 30 colleges and universities Gilson works with on an annual basis.