How to Work Hard and Play Hard with a Company Picnic

Company Picnic

A company picnic is no joke. We all love to work hard, but it’s just as important to play hard. This year we celebrated our first company picnic in almost ten years for Gilson Graphics! We celebrated at Riverside Park in beautiful Grand Rapids where we played games, ate great food, and celebrated our employees and accomplishments.

We wished that all of the Gilson Graphics team could be there, but the turnout was still incredible and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

What happened at the company picnic?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick recap of some of the big events that happened at the event.

The Gilson Company Picnic

Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything fun that happened at our company picnic. We like to work hard and play hard, so we made sure there was plenty for everyone to do at the event.  


Celebrating Gilson’s History

The biggest surprise of the day was for Dave Gilson, who received a special memento book that we created. The book contained photos of all of the Gilson staff, signatures, special messages, and history about Gilson Graphics.

Company Picnic


The Games

We had a wide variety of games for our employees at the event. The main attractions were cornhole, a golf chip, frisbee, and a ring toss game. The cornhole tournament was the most competitive game at the picnic. We watched as our team members buddied up and went head-to-head for victory.

Company Picnic


The Dunk Tank

One of the biggest draws for the company picnic was the dunk tank, which we charged money for and donated the money to Special Olympics Michigan: Area 11. People were all too excited to dunk Dave Gilson into the tank of chilly water!

 Company Picnic

How you can inspire people with a company picnic

So how can you make sure that you and your co-workers work hard and play hard? Here are some of the basic guidelines to follow and why they’re so important. Because if you’re going to put in the hours, effort, and creativity, it’s important to celebrate your accomplishments together.

1) Make it about the employees and the company as a team

We all know that a company is nothing without its employees, but you want to make sure to remind your coworkers and team members that you’re a team first and foremost. A little speech, some party favors, or personal conversation can go a long way to help inspire them to work harder and smarter on projects they can be proud of.

2) Schedule the picnic on a workday

This might seem like a strange aspect of a company picnic, but scheduling the picnic on a workday shows that you value the time of your employees. Not only are you setting aside time to celebrate them, you’re showing them that being part of a team is just as important as a regular workday in your company or industry. It’s a little gesture that goes a long way the more you think about it.

3) Participate in team games and sports

Nothing builds working relationships and team spirit more than actually being on a team! Adding games and activities to your picnic will encourage talking and cooperation between your coworkers and will inspire them to work better as a team back in the office by testing their skills out on the field. So many people at our company picnic got closer and became better team members and friends after our events and it’s really showing in new projects and endeavors.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Celebrating your company’s achievements and employees is a must. A company picnic is just what you need to inspire your coworkers and team members to work hard and play hard when it comes to their company. We’re hoping to make this a yearly tradition to not only look back on what we’ve accomplished but to look forward to new milestones and memories.

Fall is here, but next spring and summer will be here before you know it. How are you planning on taking your next company picnic to a whole new level?