Targeted Mailings: Increasing Student Response Rates

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According to data provided by the National Student Clearinghouse, college student enrollment for Fall 2015 was down almost two percent from the previous year. To combat this downward trend, educational institutions are aggressively pursuing new strategies like targeted mailings to attract students.

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Since lower unemployment rates have resulted in a declining population of adults going back to school, colleges are concentrating their efforts on high school students and working to establish a connection between the students’ individual interests and the college’s programs. A “one size fits all” approach to college promotions with the same generic mailers for all students is especially ineffective in a competitive market. Students want a personal connection to the colleges they’re considering. They want to feel like it’s an experience just for them, and there’s a great way to do that.

Targeted Mailings and Enrollment

Based on studies conducted by Enrollment Fuel—a company specializing in college search campaigns—one of the most effective ways to boost student enrollment is for colleges to increase the quality of leads they pursue, not the quantity. By tracking individuals who search on a college website and identifying their unique interests, schools can gather information they need to engage potential students with specific, personalized recruiting materials. Ultimately, these targeted mailings result in a greater response rate.

Targeted Mailings

Gilson’s capabilities are uniquely aligned with this type of personalized college recruitment campaign. Our creative department specializes in writing and designing innovative direct-mail pieces that stand out from the flood of ordinary college mailers. Our variable-data printing process simplifies the production of individualized pieces, and our efficient mailing services ensure prompt delivery to their final destination.

You can find more students excited about a new education and career path when you target them more directly and personally with targeted mailing.

Contact your Gilson representative for detailed information about creating a strategy to boost the effectiveness of your college recruitment campaign.