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The best retail displays capture shoppers’ attention at a glance, generating interest in a product and helping consumers imagine how the product will benefit them. But retailers need more than a great appearance—they need displays that function well, promoting a smooth traffic flow in stores and facilitating a quick and easy set-up.

Merrel Moab2 Retail

The Gilson team has a long history of creating innovative and successful retail displays for multi-million dollar retailers with hundreds of stores around the country. Recently, we had a new opportunity to apply our expertise to an important product introduction for Wolverine Worldwide’s Merrell shoe division.

In preparation for the roll-out of the next generation of Merrell’s best-selling Moab hiking boots, Wolverine asked Gilson to develop a comprehensive retail display campaign for its Merrell branded stores and for major retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and others. Our team was given the freedom to explore creative approaches for a series of freestanding and tabletop displays, signage and other related promotional items.

Retail Merchandising On the Go

Knowing that Moab 2 would be sold in retail stores that vary widely in floor space and ability to accommodate displays, our first goal was to devise a versatile point of purchase option that could be used in any retail venue—regardless of size or in-store traffic patterns.

Moab 2 Retail Wolverine

The Gilson team came up with a solution that literally follows the display shoe wherever it goes: a colorful shoe hanging tag featuring the slogan, “The Mother of All Boots.” The sturdy die cut styrene 4” x 2” shoe tag attaches to the display shoe with a simple, metal ball chain hanger and works alone or in conjunction with another point of purchase displays.

Towering Above the Competition

For retail stores with more floor space, Gilson Creative Team Leader, Allison Ferguson, proposed two versions of a freestanding tower display that could be viewed from any angle and adapted to any store.

The first proposed tower was designed to be six feet high with two curved surfaces that meet on each side to form a modified oval shape. The display features a prominently placed Moab 2 logo and tagline above a photo of two adventurers wearing Moab boots in a rugged, outdoor setting. A unique recessed “window” provides a space for the boot to be displayed.

Moab 2 Retail Wolverine

Because of its size, the tower presented a challenge for shipping the display safely and economically to retailers. “To maintain a smooth, unbroken surface, we needed to design the tower so it could ship without folds or creases,” said Allison. “We selected a substrate that’s sturdy enough to stand upright, but pliable so it can be rolled up for easy, secure shipping.”

Lighten the Load

The tower was also designed to minimize shipping expenses. “Although we wanted a lightweight display to reduce shipping fees for the customer, we knew that some retailers would need the added stability of a weight for high-traffic display areas,” said Allison. “Our solution was to create a hidden opening for a generic weight, which could be added on site at the store’s discretion.”

Moab 2 Wolverine Retail

Gilson also designed a second freestanding tower based on the concept of a re-useable “kit” composed of multiple display options, making it both versatile and economical. The kit contains two pieces: a simple, rectangular base with the Merrell logo and a removable topper.Merrell Retail Moab 2

Like the other point of purchase materials, the topper incorporates the Moab 2 logo and tagline and features a 3D photographic rock “ledge” to display the boot. In addition to fitting securely on the base, the top is designed to function independently as a tabletop riser, offering retailers yet another in-store display option. For future retail displays, the Moab 2 topper can be removed, and the Merrell-branded base can be used alone or with other interchangeable tops.

Staying Right on Track

National retailers with standard store layouts have stringent requirements for suppliers’ displays. From standardized fixtures, display tables, and endcaps to wall signs and posters, every element of a point of purchase display is carefully monitored.

To prepare for the Moab 2 introduction in Dick’s Sporting Goods stores, the Gilson team worked within the retailer’s strict guidelines, offering several options for creative retail displays that meet Dick’s requirements without sacrificing innovation, design consistency or visual appeal.Merrell Moab 2 Retail

Among the options offered were 5’ x 7’ styrene wall panels, easy to assemble 3-D table risers with Merrell and Moab 2 branding on all sides, deck panel headers for multi-shoe wall displays and 5’ tower skins with magnetic attachments for standard tower fixtures.

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